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Step Back in Time: Dance Through the Decades Workshops for Schools

VG Dance Workshops is excited to transport students on a journey through time with our Dance Through the Decades Workshop. From the swinging '20s to the funky '70s and beyond, our workshops offer a unique opportunity for students to explore the evolution of dance styles and music across different decades. Through fun and engaging activities, students will learn iconic dance moves, groove to popular tunes, and discover the cultural influences that shaped each era.

Travel Through Time with Dance

Dance Through the Decades Workshops take students on a captivating journey through the history of dance, highlighting the distinct styles and trends that define each decade. From the Charleston of the 1920s to the disco fever of the 1970s and the hip-hop revolution of the 1990s, students will experience the diversity and dynamism of dance across the decades.

Benefits of Dance Through the Decades Workshops for Students

  • Cultural Exploration: Our workshops provide students with a cultural lens through which to explore the social, political, and musical trends of different decades, fostering a deeper understanding of historical contexts and cultural diversity.

  • Physical Activity: Dance Through the Decades Workshops offer students a fun and engaging way to stay active and healthy, promoting physical fitness, coordination, and rhythm.

  • Creativity and Self-Expression: Students have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and express themselves through movement, exploring different dance styles and experimenting with choreography inspired by each decade.

  • Sense of Connection: Dancing through the decades allows students to connect with the past, as well as with their peers, as they collaborate on group routines and share in the joy of dancing together.


Our Approach to Dance Through the Decades Workshops


At VG Dance Workshops, we bring history to life through dance, providing students with hands-on experiences that engage their minds and bodies. Our skilled instructors guide students through the iconic dance moves and styles of each decade, incorporating historical context and cultural insights to deepen their understanding and appreciation.


Enhancing School Curriculums and Cultural Awareness

Dance Through the Decades Workshops complement school curriculums by providing students with opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and cultural enrichment. By exploring the music, fashion, and social movements of different decades, students develop a broader perspective of history and society while also honing their critical thinking and analytical skills.



We had the pleasure of Vivian visiting our school to deliver a multicultural week of workshops to our infant's school children, nursery to year two. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, Vivian was extremely professional and very knowledgeable about the events and the styles of dancing. We were so impressed with Vivian, that we then booked another workshop in the same term. Vivian, upon his return, again was outstanding. The children were very lucky to have been taught by Vivian. 

KS1 Class Teacher

Team Leader and science Lead

Book Your Dance Through the Decades Workshop Today

Ready to take a trip through time with your students? Book a Dance Through the Decades Workshop with VG Dance Workshops today! Contact us to learn more about our workshops and how we can tailor a program to suit the needs and interests of your school. Let's step back in time and dance through the decades together!



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