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Providing dance workshops in primary schools, secondary schools, SEN schools and performing arts schools across the UK.


I would highly recommend Vivian Gayle as a wonderful performer to visit your school and give one of his workshops - Our students had an amazing time and were really stretched by his fabulous warm-ups, exercises, and commercial & Jazz routines - he was a delight to have as a guest and we cant wait to see him again.

Italia Conte Reigente

Principle - Mrs. Janine Eaton

They do not come more professional than Vivian Gayle. Viv has been a guest at MAMT since we opened and every visit is the highlight of the academic calendar. His performance credits and attitude towards the students are exemplary and every time he visits, we receive fantastic feedback from whichever group he works with. His care for the performers of the future as well as his knowledge and experience in the industry make him a firm favorite. We look forward to working with you again soon Viv!.

Midlands Academy of Musical theatre

Principle - James Williams

Vivian was great, with really high energy throughout the session. The children were really engaged and left with lots of smiles!. The dance routines were fabulous and the children practiced them throughout the week and were excited to perform for the rest of the school. 5-star rating!! Absolutely brilliant.

Chadsmead primary Academy 

Headteacher Mrs Grainger

His professionalism and presence in the studio was really special. He captured the student's attention from the very start and had everyone training properly in locking and commercial. also bringing knowledge to the class on a lot of the locking techniques. All of my students absolutely loved the class and will definitely be having Vivian back sometime in the future. 

D2 studios

Owner Megan Deanna Rollinson

Vivian delivered a 5 star Lion king workshop to our stagecoach school!. His energy never dipped and the pupils absolutely loved his choreography and presence . I would highly recommend booking Viv for a workshop, not only is he kind and professional he is also incredibly talented and inspiring, especially to children and young adults. 

Stagecoach Chichester

Owner Emma Bentley 

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Vivian for being so amazing in school for the last couple of days. The school had been transformed into Disney world. He worked so hard and was absolutely brilliant. The engagement from the children has been superb.

Worcester St Barnabus C of E primary school 

Headteacher Mrs. Hanson 

We invited Vivian to our special needs college (Queen Alexander college) to conduct an Irish dance workshop. The students were all of varying ability levels and Vivian was able to adapt accordingly. His manner was the students were friendly and sociable whilst remaining professional. The students really enjoyed the workshop and we look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Collaborations & citizenship lead for Queen Alexandra college

 Corinne Barrett

The beauty and talent of this artist are impeccable. I want to thank Vivian on behalf of La pelle for giving us one of the best workshops we have had in a long time! Amazing choreography, amazing with the children, and amazing to work with!. What a guy!. Thank you Viv for the best 2 days of summer school workshops.

La Pelle Academy of dance

Principle - Mrs. N Paskin

We had a wonderful African dance day with Vivian. He was very professional and accommodating. He was engaging with the children and teachers and made the workshops very educational delivering brilliant content and knowledge in African dance.

Bilston C of E primary school

Headteacher - Mr. Gentle

The children had an excellent time with Vivian. We booked him for a Flamenco dance workshop for our Spanish day. He was very good with the children from all-year groups and showed adaptability with our SEN children. A very talented young man and would highly recommend him. 

Brookfield's primary school

Deputy's head - Miss B O'Rourke

The children loved every minute of Viv's workshops! Our Junior and Senior dancers were taught material to reflect their different age groups and Viv's ability to connect with every student was very impressive! We can't wait to have him back at our studios.

Star Struck Performing Arts Academy

Principle: Katie Cooper

We are always very excited when Vivian visits us for one of his brilliant workshops. He offers a range of different workshops in a variety of styles and he has also choreographed for us. He always keeps the children on their toes and gives a good insight into the professional world. I highly recommend him.

Valentine theatre school 

Principle: Claire Jiggins

We booked VG dance workshops for our African & Haka dance workshops for 2 days. Vivian was excellent throughout the 2 days with all year groups. Really inspirational and enthusiastic with the children. He taught each routine to fit the age group he was working with and his knowledge of African and Haka Maori culture is truly remarkable. A great teacher and a brillant performer. All the children loved the experience and we will be booking him again in the near future.

Telford junior school

KS2 co-ordinator

Vivian is a fantastic dancer, performer, and teacher. He is great with the students providing outstanding routines and choreography. He has a good understanding of children, offering the support and guidance our students need. We have enjoyed many workshops with Vivian and always receive great feedback to encourage our students to continually improve whilst inspiring them to be the best they can be!

Knights Academy of dance

Principle: Stacey Knight

We had the pleasure of Vivian visiting our studio to facilitate a Thriller Themed dance workshop. ​From the first point of contact to the completion of the workshop, Vivian was professional, friendly, and outstanding with the children. The workshop itself was engaging and at a level with our age and ability with some complexity to challenge the children, which they really enjoyed. Vivian is a phenomenal dancer and performer who approaches his work with children with integrity and professionalism. I would strongly recommend Vivian for dance workshops and we look forward to welcoming him again!.

LW Dance

Principle: Louise Wright

Vivian has now provided a number of dance workshops for Eminence Dance works dancers of all ages; Both children & adults alike have loved all of them!. No matter what age he can adapt the style to suit. His teaching methods allow all those involved to feel more confident and experience new styles. Vivian is really approachable and enthusiastic and is always passing on experience from the world of professional dancing; particularly inspiring our younger dancers. Can't wait for the next one at Eminence.

Eminence Dance works 

Principle - Beckie Humphries

Vivian delivers fantastic, challenging, and professional workshops. All of our students from junior through to seniors loved the sessions and came out of their commercial dance workshops inspired and wanting more!. I would highly recommend Vivian and can't wait to welcome him back to the studios again.


Principal - Olivia Duggan

We had the pleasure of having Vivian teach at our summer masterclass day.  The students loved his young and vibrant street and Lyrical workshops. The dances taught were extremely challenging and beautifully choreographed. I've never seen them work so hard!. He has a lovely warm personality and I look forward to having him back soon. I only wish he lived closer.

Stardust dance studios

Principle - Natalie Kitts

Vivian came to Stagecoach Guildford to do a dance workshop! Wow! Not only is he a brilliant dancer he also had the students engaged from start to finish. Covering many different styles and techniques. The students left feeling inspired after a fabulous workshop! Thanks so much, Vivian!'"

Stagecoach Guilford

Principle - Daniela Thom's

Thank you for our workshop, Vivian. Our dancers had a great time. I would highly recommend it. Vivian is a true gentleman. He teaches in a patient manner at high quality. An amazing dancer who obviously works very hard. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Body language school of dance

Principle - Emma Dolloway

Amazing workshop, all of our students loved every minute!. Vivian is fantastic with the students and really pushes them to achieve as much as they can. We cant wait to welcome Vivian back again to the Academy in the near future.

Dance Motion academy of dance

Principle - Gemma Hinton

Amazing contemporary and commercial workshop today. Absolutely great!!. I have already set dates for booking him again for summer school and a Xmas workshop. The kids want him back for sure and we cant wait!!.

E.J Dance academy 

Principle: Ellen Jane Monkhouse

Wow! What an afternoon of masterclasses with this guy Vivian Gayle. He has been encouraging, engaging, and enthusiastic with some fantastic choreography and the kids loved it! Please come back soon!.

B.R Dance company

Principle: Laura Hodson

We had Vivian visit us for our open day event as a guest workshop leader and it was incredible. The students were buzzing, the energy, enthusiasm and passion he brought to the workshopwas infectious. He worked really well assessing the abilities of the students and created different versions to ensure every student was being challneged but not overwhelmed. He created loads of fun little activites as well to get them all laughing and engaged. Could not recommend him highly enough and will definately be working with him again!

Elle Haddon - Operational Director

Haddon Charity for Performing arts 

​Vivian completed two dance workshops at our events (Haka & Bollywood). He was very enthusiastic and engaged with children and adults who enjoyed participating and learning something new. Vivian will definitely be our go to for any workshops in the future. Thank you,

POD Birmingham charity

Principle: Laura Hodson

We booked VG dance workshops for our Diwali week for our KS1 & KS2 Classes. He delivered exceptional work showcasing his teaching and performing skills to our school. He had great understanding of Diwali festival and spoke very clear and well. He taught 2 types of routines Classical Indian dance & Bollywood dance and explained the differences and was a joy to have in our school. Highly recommend and a very talented young man.

Banham primary school

Headteacher - Mr Gamble

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