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Embrace the Rhythms of Ireland With Irish Dance Workshops for Schools

VG Dance Workshops is delighted to introduce Irish Dance Workshops, offering schools a spirited exploration of the rich heritage and vibrant traditions of Irish dance. Our workshops invite students to experience the infectious rhythms and lively steps of Irish dance, immersing them in the culture and folklore of the Emerald Isle. From the graceful movements of soft shoe dances to the energetic footwork of hard shoe dances, students will embark on a dynamic journey through the world of Irish dance.

Discover the Magic of Irish Dance

Irish dance is renowned for its precision, agility, and infectious energy, captivating audiences around the globe with its distinctive style and flair. At VG Dance Workshops, we invite students to step into the world of Irish dance and discover the magic of this timeless art form. From traditional jigs and reels to modern choreography inspired by Celtic culture, our workshops offer students a dynamic and engaging introduction to Irish dance.

Benefits of Irish Dance Workshops for Students

  • Cultural Enrichment: Our workshops provide students with a deeper appreciation for Irish culture and heritage, introducing them to the music, costumes, and traditions associated with Irish dance.

  • Physical Fitness: Irish dance is a high-energy and physically demanding activity that promotes cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility, helping students stay active and fit while having fun.

  • Coordination and Discipline: Mastering the intricate footwork and movements of Irish dance requires focus, concentration, and discipline, helping students develop essential skills for success both on and off the dance floor.

  • Creativity and Expression: Irish dance offers students a creative outlet for self-expression and artistic exploration, allowing them to express their personality and emotions through movement and music.


Our Approach to Irish Dance Workshops


At VG Dance Workshops, we believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students can thrive and express themselves freely. Our experienced instructors guide students through the fundamental steps and techniques of Irish dance, breaking down complex movements into manageable sequences that are accessible to dancers of all levels.


Enhancing School Curriculums and Cultural Awareness

Irish Dance Workshops complement school curriculums by providing students with opportunities to explore different cultures and traditions. By incorporating elements of Irish dance into their studies, students gain a deeper understanding of Irish history, folklore, and music while also fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity and heritage.




We had the pleasure of Vivian visiting our school to deliver a multicultural week of workshops to our infant's school children, nursery to year two. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, Vivian was extremely professional and very knowledgeable about the events and the styles of dancing. We were so impressed with Vivian, that we then booked another workshop in the same term. Vivian, upon his return, again was outstanding. The children were very lucky to have been taught by Vivian. 

KS1 Class Teacher

Team Leader and science Lead

Book Your Irish Dance Workshop Today

Ready to embrace the rhythms of Ireland with your students? Book an Irish Dance Workshop with VG Dance Workshops today! Contact us to learn more about our workshops and how we can tailor a program to suit the needs and interests of your school. Let's dance to the beat of Ireland together!



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