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Promoting Mental Well-being: Workshops for Schools

VG Dance Workshops is dedicated to supporting the mental health and well-being of students through our specialised Mental Well-being Workshops. In today's fast-paced world, it's essential to prioritise mental health, and our workshops offer schools a valuable resource to address this important aspect of student development.

Fostering Positive Mental
Health Through Dance

Our Mental Well-being Workshops utilise the transformative power of dance to promote emotional well-being, resilience, and self-expression among students. Dance has been shown to have numerous benefits for mental health, including reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, improving mood, and boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

Benefits of Mental Well-being Workshops for Students

  • Stress Reduction: Engaging in dance can provide a healthy outlet for stress and tension, allowing students to release pent-up emotions and unwind in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

  • Emotional Regulation: Dance encourages students to connect with their bodies and emotions, helping them develop greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Through movement, students learn to identify and express their feelings in constructive ways.

  • Social Connection: Participating in group dance activities fosters a sense of belonging and social connection, helping students build positive relationships and support networks with their peers.

  • Mindfulness and Presence: Dance promotes mindfulness and presence by encouraging students to focus on the present moment, connect with their breath, and cultivate a sense of calm and inner peace.


Our Approach to Mental
Well-being Workshops


At VG Dance Workshops, we take a holistic approach to mental well-being, addressing the physical, emotional, and social aspects of health through dance. Our experienced instructors create a safe and nurturing environment where students feel empowered to explore their thoughts and feelings through movement.




We had the pleasure of Vivian visiting our school to deliver a multicultural week of workshops to our infant's school children, nursery to year two. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, Vivian was extremely professional and very knowledgeable about the events and the styles of dancing. We were so impressed with Vivian, that we then booked another workshop in the same term. Vivian, upon his return, again was outstanding. The children were very lucky to have been taught by Vivian. 

KS1 Class Teacher

Team Leader and science Lead


Enhancing School Well-being Initiatives 

Mental Well-being Workshops complement school well-being initiatives by providing students with practical tools and strategies to support their mental health. By incorporating dance into their well-being programs, schools can promote positive coping skills, resilience, and self-care practices among students.

Assembly and Showcase: Celebrating Student Resilience

Our Mental Well-being Workshops culminate in a special assembly and showcase where students have the opportunity to share their experiences and achievements with their peers, teachers, and families. These events celebrate the resilience and strength of students and highlight the positive impact of dance on mental health and well-being.

Book Your Mental Well-being Workshop Today

Ready to prioritise mental health and well-being in your school? Book a Mental Well-being Workshop with VG Dance Workshops today! Contact us to learn more about our workshops and how we can tailor a program to suit the needs and interests of your students. Let's dance our way to better mental health together!



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